Green echo is particularly a favorite wave of ours, if not for its simplicity then always for its ingenuity. The products and life evidence we find in this wave are constantly those that imitate a natural design or truly incorporate real nature as the design itself.

In this case, we have cow dung in the design of bricks. Lighter but stronger than clay and processed in a much more eco-friendly way with lower production costs; EcofaeBrick is functional, sustainable, and profitable. Coming from the Prasetiya Mulya Business School in Indonesia, the clay dung bricks won first place at the Global Social venture competition held at UC Berkeley. The bricks have the added benefit of using up an abundant resource that has caused health problems to community members, while also preserving farmland rather than excavating it for clay.

Manufacturing bricks out of cow dung is still an emerging idea as it’s only being done in Indonesia for now. Perhaps it success will widen it’s influence in the upcoming year and push it towards our growing section. I do hope farmers and investors consider implementing the same process here; we have about 757,000 independent beef cattle producers remaining in the U.S. –that’s a lot of crap!

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