Connecting Companies & Open Source Communities

I recently became aware of the GNOME Foundation through this interesting article on Ars Technica it’s the non-profit organization behind the open source GNOME desktop environment working to build bridges between the development community and companies. GNOME’s CEO Stormy Peters … Read More

Um…Is this “Normal” Doctor?

The UK’s Channel 4 has always pushed the envelope airing shows that tend to shock while they entertain and educate.  The series that’s dropping jaws lately is called Embarrassing Bodies along with Embarrassing Illnesses. I thought these shows are a … Read More

The Feel Good Shopper

Everyone is feeling a little hollow these days–what with the economy tanking, jobless numbers escalating, and a stimulus package that hasn’t started stimulating. So why are the women in the photo below standing in line at Hermes? … Read More

Kohler Explores Chromotherapy

Kohler are developing the concept of water and light combining to provide a very soothing and calming showering experience. Each of the four heads has 54 nozzles that cascade water for a unique and relaxing experience that integrates chromatherapy. Chromotherapy, … Read More

Look Mommy Mermaids ARE real!!

Possibly the coolest BODY WARRANTY piece I’ve seen in a long time.  It’s so inspiring to me not only because of it’s whimsical, fantasy element (I mean, who doesn’t love mermaids!!) but because it is fully functional as a prosthetic … Read More

On the rocks. Literally.

You purists are going to love this. The ice cube has evolved into a whole new sensation, Nordic Rock is a reusable cube made out of stone. Yes, that’s right–stone cubes made from ancient pollution-free rock mined in Sweden. … Read More

The Growth of Kirtan in the West

Sure you could go drink away your financial woes on a Saturday night but then you wake up Sunday with a hangover, regret and minus a bunch of precious cash. Or you could sing your way to a bliss that … Read More

A Creative Room Inspires Creative Thoughts

Do you have a creative space in your office? Maybe your office is ALL a “creative space” – lucky you! But that’s not often the case. Here’s an example of a company that must believe that decor influences the tone … Read More

Getting Under Your Skin

You know things are not good when kidnapping is seen as a growth industry, but that’s what it is in the Guarding Wave. Xega, a Mexican company, turned to developing and selling GPS implants to people who are concerned about being kidnapped–now a common fear throughout Mexico. … Read More

Ooo Baby, Pass Me the Pepper Mill…

Never before have I seen the BARELY LEGAL wave represented in the world of kitchen gadgetry… Today all that changed. Pictures probably speak a thousand words so I don’t have to go into why mommy is staring absent mindedly at … Read More