Monthly Archive: March 2009


Connecting Companies & Open Source Communities

I recently became aware of the GNOME Foundation through this interesting article on Ars Technica it’s the non-profit organization behind the open source GNOME desktop environment working to build bridges between the development community...


The Feel Good Shopper

Everyone is feeling a little hollow these days–what with the economy tanking, jobless numbers escalating, and a stimulus package that hasn’t started stimulating. So why are the women in the photo below standing in line at Hermes?


On the rocks. Literally.

You purists are going to love this. The ice cube has evolved into a whole new sensation, Nordic Rock is a reusable cube made out of stone. Yes, that’s right–stone cubes made from ancient pollution-free rock mined in Sweden.


Getting Under Your Skin

You know things are not good when kidnapping is seen as a growth industry, but that’s what it is in the Guarding Wave. Xega, a Mexican company, turned to developing and selling GPS implants to people who are concerned about being kidnapped–now a common fear throughout Mexico.