Make me feel like I did back then”.  TIME TRAVEL is all about recapturing those feelings from times gone by.  We find a lot of fun “retro kitsch” in this wave.

As someone in early my early 30’s it’s a trip to hear my generation now be referred to as “oldskool” by Gen y’s.

What’s even more of a trip is the “new” product PepsiCo is now launching. Yep. They are marketing the beverages as being “retro” for containing REAL SUGAR.

As an Australian, I’ve never known any different.  That’s right, with our huge cane sugar industry, high fructose corn syrup is a completely foreign thing to me.  Thankfully!

Sorry but the lame-o PR campaign didn’t work on me…That crap is nasty.

So with the same sigh that I breathe when I hear my beloved 90’s Alt Rock bands referred to as dinosaurs, I have to roll my eyes when making something with real sugar is now novel and “retro.”

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