Desperate Publications Turning to Gutter for Sales

Former British Cosmo editor Linda Kelsey is “shocked, bewildered and disgusted” by British women’s magazines and their cover lines like, “I breastfeed my puppy” or “Lesbian Incest: My Sister and I Want A Baby.” Magazines were feeling the pinch even … Read More

Off the Clock Dining

If you’ve ever paid top dollar in a fancy restaurant and had the waiter practically pull your chair out from under you to get you to leave, you’ve been the victim of “table turning.” That obnoxious trend is being reversed by some of the finest celebrity chefs in the world, and patrons are enjoying the benefits. … Read More

Don’t Move the Mouse and Win a Car

You’re probably aware of those competitions   where a dozen or so people lay their hand on a new car and whoever can stand the aching legs, battle their inner demons & the mind games of the others to last the … Read More

The Family That Wears Snuggies Together…

Described as living in the “strange hinterland between the awesome and the horrific” there will be a Snuggie Pub-Crawl in Chicago on Saturday April 18th. Drunk people stumbling around in Snuggies – my friends…that is my idea of a good … Read More

…Quite the Following.

OK….I love twitter. Yes, like most people when I first heard of it, I thought it was the dumbest idea ever.  I had the “Isn’t this social networking thing going a bit far?” argument with others and myself. But then … Read More

Real Sugar is a Throwback…

“Make me feel like I did back then”.  TIME TRAVEL is all about recapturing those feelings from times gone by.  We find a lot of fun “retro kitsch” in this wave. As someone in early my early 30’s it’s a … Read More

CultureWaves Trends

Pacifying vs Checking Out

Here’s the thing: “Scientists believe a common heart medicine may be able to banish fearful memories from the mind. The Dutch investigators believe beta-blocker drugs could help people suffering from the emotional after-effects of traumatic experiences.”  Sounds hunky dory right?  … Read More

Squirt! You’re Pretend Dead.

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a hit man? An evil stalker? A player in a deadly game of kill or be killed? Well, just fill up your squirt fun and sign up for StreetWars. … Read More

Speech Therapy “On-the-Go”

Speech therapy takes time and effort…rare commodities these days. So being able to train on the go is music to many people’s ears. Hollins Communications Research Institute have developed an iPhone application which lets stutterers measure their fluency. You can … Read More

Quiet in the “Sunni Triangle of Death”

It is a sadly exceptional moment that we hear any good news from Iraq, or anywhere else for that matter. However, there have been several recent reports that paint a glimmer of hope around the gloomy issue of the Iraqi … Read More