Many of us grew up with the classic’s first released by game manufacturers Nintendo and Sega. Memories of blissfully spending countless hours maneuvering Mario and firing away those nasty mushrooms using the “A” or “B” button are about as cozy as baking cookies for Santa. The nostalgia alone has leaded some of us to revisit those classics on modern game consoles that have released them in their original form. Unfortunately, about 10 minutes of that and then you’re already wishing they were as pleasing now as they were then.

Let’s face it. We’re spoiled. Technology with its crisp clear graphics has us by the b— well by the seat of our pants to put it nicely. So while the story lines and characters still work, the mechanics of old games like Zelda leave us wanting.

Thankfully, developers have risen to the occasion, making over classic titles and delivering them to our childish delight. With titles like Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Bionic Commando: Rearmed, it’s easy to let that anxious excitement creep up and time travel us back to when we first unwrapped their originals long ago.

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