Agenda Wallpaper

Wallpaper in general seems to have a somewhat granny connotation to it if you ask us. Words like “floral” and “country” come to mind for some reason. Even the most fun colored wallpaper  with Disney characters or superhero prints on … Read More

Beauty and The Blast Wall: The Aesthetics of Hope

Blast walls, prefabricated concrete barriers used by occupational forces to protect civilians and soldiers from car bombs, explosions and insurgent attacks, have literally carved Baghdad into a grim maze. The duality of walls is not lost on these residents. They … Read More

CultureWaves Trends

The Places We Live

We generally tend to think of “giving back” in terms of volunteerism, charity, donations or activism. Those fighting for a rightful cause and collecting funds to improve the quality of life for others, both man and animal, find fulfillment in … Read More

Next Environmental Threat: Pharma-Water

There is a growing concern over the levels of pharmaceutical drugs that are being found in our lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. Although alarming in terms of human consumption, the greater concern is what effects will high levels of anti-depressants … Read More

“The Phantom Piddler”

There are plenty of instances in which companies and corporations do things that make us feel like we don’t matter.  Demanding respect via blogs, protests, graffiti, exhibitions, even satiric YouTube videos are all ways we’ve seen consumers bite back. But … Read More

It Pays To Be Cool

Do you follow music trends? Do you set them? Hip new music download site Popcuts™ “recognizes the music lovers with that special sense for the next big thing” and rewards them with cash in the form of store credit. … Read More

What Women Want and Why They Are Probably Not Getting It From You

A fascinating article in the New York Times asks the eternal question, “ What do Women Want?” Written by author Daniel Bergner, the article does not give a definite answer to the question as much as it points out how … Read More

Atheism is the New Gay

The latest edition of the Edge newsletter poses the question, “ Are Science and Religion Incompatible?” A question for the ages to be sure. This is a debate that has occurred countless times in living rooms, coffee shops, classrooms, courthouses, … Read More

Latest in School Programs: Mariachi

Washington State, Illinois, Idaho, Virginia and the Carolinas: Not states that make you think “Hispanic population” –but all the same, they’ve enough Hispanic students in some districts to offer Mariachi classes.  Perhaps not all that surprising, but the beauty lays … Read More

Pearls Before Breakfast

It’s easy to say that we all constantly seek to slow down and get away from our busy lives. What’s retirement if not the goal to build wealth so that we may finally find ourselves doing little, enjoying life at … Read More