Add men’s bras next to men’s pantyhose’s on our list of things that blur the line between the sexes in our yin/yang blend wave. Just two weeks after launching the bras, a Japanese online lingerie retailer says it’s their hottest selling item. Targeted to cross dressing men, the also sells men’s panties. Executive Director Akiko Okunomiya said she was “surprised at the number of men who were looking for their inner woman”. Funny, a big word many people might think when first looking at this product is: “GAY”. But honestly, there seems to be more and more of this creeping up, where upon many a straight men out there are searching for ways to get in touch with their more feminine self. Check out celebrity Eddie Izzard, talk about a straight cross dresser.

So just how specific are these bras designed for men? They’re made to fit snug and discreetly under men’s clothing just like for women. “I like this tight feeling. It feels good,” Wishroom representative Masayuki Tsuchiya told Reuters as he modeled the bra.

Damn, wish I felt that way when putting on a bra. Grass is always greener on the other side huh boys…

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