Mickey is back and he is hitting the streets!  Spotted several months ago by Culturewaves’ graphic design guru and future honorary Disney imagineer, Locke Hilderbrand, Mickey Mouse gear is starting to pop up everywhere.

With Mickey set to celebrate his 75th birthday a resurgence of Disney in fashion couldn’t be more timely or appropriate.

Refinery 29 is also onto the Mickey and Minnie trend:

“we’re pretty sure mouse love will be catching on like wildfire”

This is a perfect example of the Time Travel™ Wave.

We can’t think of one character that symbolizes childhood, imagination and magic to so many people as Mickey Mouse. Almost any person of any age, from anywhere place on earth knows Mickey and most likely grew up with him. This one is going to be global.

The best thing is that Mickey is that he is probably the only pop icon that your grandma and New York hipsters can agree on.

Happy Birthday Mickey! Looks Like it’s your year.

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