Cosmetic surgery for elementary age children is becoming commonplace in Japan. It seems some parents are determined to do whatever it takes for their children to have the perfect face or body. Sometimes, surgery is performed to remove some birth deformity –such as a large mole on a child’s face. Most times, it’s about parents wanting their children to look like a star. A plastic surgeon tells Japan Today that “90% are after folded eyelids, to make their eyes look bigger and their faces more Western…the overwhelming majority are out to look like some celebrity”.

One story tells of an enthusiastic mother who wanted to fold her daughter’s eyelids so that her husband would think it was a hereditary trait, as she herself had had them folded as a young girl. Another wanted to remove her son’s body hair, “He has such white skin—I’m going to make a unisex celebrity out of him,” she said. And then there’s the occasional story of a child who bursts into tears when asked, alone, if they wanted to go thru with any surgery. Disturbing to you or not, this Buff Culture evidence strengthens a human truth that takes face in all aspect of life, very seriously.

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