Banking Get More Handy

Banking by phone isn’t new, but being able to download a mobile service application directly to your Google Anroid™ phone is pioneering new ground. Chase Visa™ recently announced just such an option and plans on rolling it out in early 2009. … Read More

h8 U! Text Messaging Scam?

The number of text messages that will be sent in 2009 is expected to reach 3.3 trillion; a projected increase of 32% from 2007.  Even though it seems like a huge amount of data, experts contend that the bandwidth required … Read More

LVK: More Fun Than Watching Someone get tortured an hour after being downsized

Economy got you down, laid off and bored, bummed because you just pawned the last thing of worth that you own? I have three words for you… Lesbian…Killer…VAMPIRES!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right , horror comedy, Lesbian Vampire Killers is soon to be … Read More

Abstinence Only Programs Fail to Keep Their Promise

Sexual Education has always been a sticky issue, but new research from Johns Hopkins University may ignite a whole new debate. A newly released study found that teenagers who pledge to remain virgins until marriage are just as likely as … Read More

Rising to the Call: DIY Superheroes and the Death of Apathy

Stories in Rolling Stone and The Times report the beginning of a strange phenomenon: an upsurge of real life amateur superheroes! That’s right, somewhere in your town there might be spandex wearing, crime fighting, goofy moniker having, superhero lurking in … Read More

It Pays to Medicate

It’s a fact in third-world countries that many TB patients often fail to take their medication on a regular basis, but for free cell phone minutes they will. Here’s how it works. MIT students came up with a new testing and reporting system that encourages patients to stick with their treatment plan by giving them incentives. … Read More

Hello Baby!

Hello Kitty might be nightmarish to us for the same exact reasons Japanese females love the iconic cartoon feline: It’s cute, pink, and seemingly everywhere. In fact, its ubiquitous-ness is exactly what the director of Hau Sheng Hospital in Taiwan … Read More

Two’s Better than One

Sight is a sensation computer companies employ to titillate their consumers. Whether it’s the LCD monitor or the Plasma, the 13 inch or the 24 inch, screen resolutions with such and such megapixels or adjustable black luminescence for ‘rich’ backgrounds, … Read More

Relevance: By all Means Neccesary

If you are not checking in to Google Zeitgeist from time to time by now you should be. While it does not provide in depth analysis, it does give you a top line view of what is growing and declining … Read More

Stewardesses are Symbolic Heros for Arab Women Seeking Independence

The definition of Power Plays™ can differ from culture to culture but, underneath the cultural differences is the same human need for esteem. For a growing number of Arab women, moving to the gulf and becoming a stewardess is an … Read More