Monthly Archive: December 2008


Banking Get More Handy

Banking by phone isn’t new, but being able to download a mobile service application directly to your Google Anroid™ phone is pioneering new ground. Chase Visa™ recently announced just such an option and plans on rolling it out in early 2009.


It Pays to Medicate

It’s a fact in third-world countries that many TB patients often fail to take their medication on a regular basis, but for free cell phone minutes they will. Here’s how it works. MIT students came up with a new testing and reporting system that encourages patients to stick with their treatment plan by giving them incentives.


Hello Baby!

Hello Kitty might be nightmarish to us for the same exact reasons Japanese females love the iconic cartoon feline: It’s cute, pink, and seemingly everywhere. In fact, its ubiquitous-ness is exactly what the director...