The Zero Gravity corporation has developed what might be the first sport developed to be played in zero gravity. The Game is dubbed Float Ball , a sort of free-for-all, that has elements of both basketball and football. In the game, weightless players to bounce off walls, obstacles and one another while herding weightless balls of various colors to either end of the playing space.

The game is played on ZERO-G’s Boeing 727 aircraft that is cleverly dubbed  G-FORCE ONE. Weightlessness is achieved by flying G-FORCE ONE through a parabolic flight maneuver, this more or less means that the pilot repeatedly climbs and nose dives , creating periods of zero gravity that lasts approximately one minute from start to finish.

There is no doubt that the attraction of this game lies in the sensation of being in zero gravity,  which would probably make brushing your teeth a mind blowing experience.

No word yet on where one can try out for local or professional leagues, but we will keep you updated.

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