Monthly Archive: November 2008


Radio Survival

Will radio survive technological changes?  A recent New York Times article questioned radio’s ability to rebound considering all the competing technologies from iPods and other music storage mediums including cell phones  to internet radio....


Google’s Image

A recent post to these blogs argues that searchwiki has features that make it overly complicated and very un-google like, the opposite of the elegant simplicity that is the hallmark of their success. I...


Vavelta: Foreskin and After

File this into the department of things that I would rather not visualize. Apparently, a new dermatological treatment that reduces the appearance of scarring and wrinkles named Vavelta is primarily derived from the foreskin...


The Seductive Chef

It shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially ladies, but men will do almost anything to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Recent research shows that more and more men are turning to the kitchen as a first stop to the bedroom.