And a steel camel I ride?

It’s doubtless a stereotypical thing to  make the horse/camel analogy that was in the title of a recent   C S Monitor article about the Harley Davidson motorcycle club that was formed in Riyahd, Saudi Arabia. The whole idea of … Read More

Radio Survival

Will radio survive technological changes?  A recent New York Times article questioned radio’s ability to rebound considering all the competing technologies from iPods and other music storage mediums including cell phones  to internet radio. I have little compassion for greedy … Read More

Shielding can be it’s own Danger

Taking sides in legal matters is always fraught with dangers, as in all matters historical, they often have subtleties that come back on those who choose sides early. Caveat aside, something always smells funny when a prosecutor settles for a … Read More

Google’s Image

A recent post to these blogs argues that searchwiki has features that make it overly complicated and very un-google like, the opposite of the elegant simplicity that is the hallmark of their success. I agree that this project seems a … Read More

The spontaneous remission hypothesis: Can Cancer Disappear?

A very surprising scientific finding seems to indicate that sometimes cancer simply goes away on its own.  The  study was conducted in Norway and  was published on Tuesday, November 25th ,  here are some key numbers from the study. One … Read More

Quack Health Foods Are Big Business

So we spend billions of dollars every year on foods that either falsely claim or imply to be healthy on their labels and packaging. Damn. The media preying on the vulnerable, naïve and nutritionally uneducated? No way! Unfortunately, it’s far … Read More

Vavelta: Foreskin and After

File this into the department of things that I would rather not visualize. Apparently, a new dermatological treatment that reduces the appearance of scarring and wrinkles named Vavelta is primarily derived from the foreskin of newborn infants. No, this is … Read More

Girl Sues to Play with the Boys

Some just have the burden of having to explain to others why they see the line between the sexes dotted, and they’ll do so.  Fourteen year old girl Logan Young wants to play baseball as a freshman, not softball. This … Read More

Authentically Fashionable: Hard Working American Brands Find New Generation Of Devotees

There is good news for Levi, Redwing, Woolrich, and other American heritage brands from the fashion world. The traditional American Sportswear look is back. Although many designers, most notably Ralph Lauren, have long been inspired by the lure of  rustic … Read More

Outlook Uncertain: Yes Decidely So

According to the Economist Free Exchange and WSJ you can now add fortunetellers and psychics to the list of counter- cyclical businesses. This has to be the final measure of desperation that the nightmarish American economy has produced. “People will … Read More