A Different Hybrid

A interesting idea for commercial hybrids, UPS is buying delivery trucks with a series of fluid and air pumps that in turn convert braking energy into power for acceleration. The more usual hybrids do this electrically, these systems replace the … Read More


No one wants to read about or blog about or have anything to do with septic tanks. I mean they’re gross and uncivilized to even think about. The problem is, they don’t work very well, and as there are millions … Read More

The iPhone and the Mass Market

I should have known, Apple has had such a golden touch in recent years that it seems inevitable that the iPhone would carve out a mass success. It seems that as the economy heads south, people have realized that they … Read More

The Next (Tsunami) Wave

  This is a wave that no one is looking forward to- the inevitable one of credit card crunch as the need to buy even basics with credit cards as home credit lines disappear and mortgage rates shoot skyward begins … Read More

Bling with a Conscience

If people want to look good on the outside and also feel good on the inside, Wal-Mart has a new line of jewelry that fits their needs. That’s right; Wal-Mart has introduced a line of jewelry that can be traced back to the original place where it was mined. They call it the Love, Earth® collection… … Read More

Why American Automobile Manufacturers are Doomed

There is a famous misquote ‘what’s good for General Motors is good for the country’ that is true in that it sums up the hubris that has always been rampant in the US auto industry.  The long history of wiping … Read More

Time to Decaffeinate the Soap

I love my caffeine, I am probably ever on the cusp of caffeine intoxication. Still, it seems that the point of ridiculousness has been surpassed to the point that you would have to look in a magnifying rear-view mirror to … Read More

Life From Death

Still trying to think of anything good coming from the death of a loved one, (or if your one of those who can conceive of such a thing, you own) then think no more! Eternal Reefs Inc. mixes cremated remains … Read More

I can see the End of the World from Here

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Maybe both are in order here.  Once again, it seems obvious why ‘military intelligence’ is an oxymoron. Just how long would it be before ‘packs of robots designed to hunt down uncooperative … Read More

Big Al Sent Me

What looks like an innocent New York City hot dog joint called Crif Dogs is really the secret entrance to PDT which stands for “please don’t tell.” All you have to do is slip into the vintage phone booth and knock. … Read More