Cityscape Escape

Escapism is on the rise–making it as real as possible is the way to go. In Grand Theft Auto IV, the game takes you to cities that look so real you can actually feel the tension as you race from one neighborhood to the next. … Read More


Ask anyone who has severe arthritis what they think of controlling it with diet and you better hope their fingers will no longer pull a trigger. Having said that, I agree that it is common sense that our high-carb, high-fat … Read More

Shielding is Not So Simple

If we are learning anything as the Earth warms, it is that the environment is a rather complex organism, not easily ‘fixed’ with simple mechanical one shot repairs as you might with a mechanical device. This study showed that carbon-dioxide … Read More

Einstein’s Refrigerator

  Third World refrigeration in the many areas without electricity has been limited to gas-fired fridges, which are too expensive for most and clever but minimal damp sand in buckets contrivances which are better than nothing, just not the first world luxuries … Read More

It’s Twelve O’clock: Do You Know Where Your Money Is?

This just in… courtesy of Captain Obvious, the largest lending institutions in the United States are experiencing a nuclear meltdown that makes the collapse of Enron seem like child’s play. The government is taking some highly controversial actions to reduce … Read More


I don’t know if this would work in a less cohesive, more aggressive culture, but it would sure be worth a try to get rid of the traffic lights. Imagine a world without those lights, if you can. People paying … Read More

Curbing the Coal

  I’m afraid that this is another tree-hugger pipedream, as the chances that we (meaning the whole human race) will stop using the cheapest form of energy, coal, in order to save us from global warming are close to nil. … Read More


  That plants are able to make their own aspirin in response to environmental stress such as pollution or drought is interesting enough, but to learn that they put off the chemical signature of this medicine to possibly communicate warnings … Read More

Souls? Prove it.

  For some, the existence of a soul is absolute, a fact, a belief where upon millions have died in the name of “The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” Whether you’re Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Taoist, Christian, whatever, the … Read More


Anyone who has paid attention in recent years has to be concerned with the state of the fishing industry on which so much of the world depends for its protein supply. With many species suffering a collapse in numbers despite … Read More