Racism and Education

An article that seems to lead to more questions and confusion rather than answers, but then education and science frequently are like that. When secondary students in England who were taught about the holocaust in primary school were compared to … Read More

Popular Plastics Chemical Poses Further Threat

Bisphenol A, the plastics chemical in everything from baby bottles to the liners of soda cans was recently declared safe by the FDA after much public concern due to media reports of its dangers to human health. This updated report … Read More

A Possible Future for Brazilian Agriculture

In a report published on August 11, Unicamp, the Brazilian Agriculture Research Corporation, Brazilian scientists attempt to sort out the effects of climate change on their agricultural future. Under the most optimistic scenario, most crops will suffer greatly from higher temperatures … Read More

Hyoallergenic Cats & Dogs

I heard of celebrities paying outrageous prices for their pet pooches and kitten's, providing them with toys, nanny's, houses, etc. But seeing how pets can really become man's best friend, those type of things really aren't all that shocking. Pets … Read More

Design Mom

Mothers have been making things forever-for their kids, for their families, for Christmas presents-everything. It’s what Moms do. Design Mom, a website built by Moms for Moms, has taken that to the next level: It is actually bridging the gap … Read More

Atheism is the New Religion

In the United States and around the world the number of people who profess to be atheists is growing. According to the Pew Foundation the number of persons in the United States who claim to be Atheist has risen from … Read More

Timex 80

  Personally I was too young to wear these when they first came out, but somehow I still remember wanting one. Famous brands re-releasing previously popular products have stayed in demand these days.  Retro jukeboxes, retro fridges, toasters, tables, hell … Read More

Colleges go Tray-less

This fall college students are going to cut back on food portions, albeit unknowingly. That's because Colleges across the U.S. are going tray less in their dining halls and cafeteria's.  The move will reduce food waste and lower energy costs, … Read More

Plants Provide Energy

Scientists are slowly but surely figuring out how to utilize photosynthesis to create alternative fuels and power sources. Using a chemical involved in photosynthesis called Manganese as well as a synthetic membrane they’ve developed to mimic a plant, they split … Read More

Quit Your Job, Win an Award

You have spent hours and hours of company time thinking about it, you do it in your dreams, anymore it’s the only thing you ever think about. So why don’t you just go ahead and do it, that’s right, walk … Read More