In a move that is likely to get some people up in arms, and by arms I mean high caliber rifles, a group in Jerusalem has started to mass produce the traditional garments of the priestly class that officiated in the Legendary Temple on the Mount. For those unfamiliar with ancient Middle Eastern religions, the temple was the primary place of worship for ancient Jews. The temple was burnt to the ground twice. The Romans were responsible for the last burning around 2000 years ago. Judaism was centered on ritual and sacrifices before the temple was destroyed, elements that are far less emphasized by most Jews today. Jews believe the temple will one day be rebuilt when god deems them worthy and some Christians think that the rebuilding of the temple will signal the second coming of Christ. The problem is that the third holiest Islamic shrine was built there about 1,300 year ago and is still standing. In fact, the Noble Sanctuary is comprised of several prominent, holy, and ancient buildings that Muslims are loathe to see demolished, the golden Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque first among them. The temple institute, who are recreating the priestly garments, believes that their prophecy will be hastened by preparatory work. Their facilities are decorated with posters of a rebuilt temple on the modern site conspicuously lacking any Islamic buildings. The garments themselves are elaborate and made to ancient design specifications. They are made from flax thread and aphid and sea snail dyes. The belt alone is 48 feet long and they cost $10,000 before a rabbinical group recently gave them the go ahead to use sewing machines. For members of the traditional priestly class, the only people who are allowed to purchase the cloths, they are now available for $800. This changes the entire function behind the costumes manufacture. According to the Temple Institute’s director, “Before, the clothes we made were to go on display. Now, we're engaged in the practical fulfillment of the divine commandment." Not surprisingly, many Muslims view this as a threat. Adnan Husseini who used to be the top official at the Noble Sanctuary and now advises the Palestinian President said it was a provocation and commented that, "If they talk about building the third temple, what does it mean? It means they will destroy the Islamic mosques and if they do, they will make 1.5 billion enemies."

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