Drummers Are Fitter Than Footballers Say Scientists

It’s no surprise that this claim has been made. I’ve known many a drummers in my days as a rock-n-roller and I can only recall one fat one, but his excuse was glandular. These guys use muscles you didn’t even … Read More

Texting Aphrodite

If you look closely at the artwork below, you’ll see Aphrodite appearing as a very modern woman. That’s a cell phone in her hand, and the odd juxtaposition of classic Greek art and modern technology is a curious example of the Roots Revival Wave. … Read More


Lionsgate Entertainment is trying their hand at viral marketing for their adaptation of Will Eisner’s “The Spirit.” Instead of taking a page from The Dark Knight’s playbook though and using everything from ARGs, election vans and Joker-created riddles, they’ve elected … Read More

The Generic Man

Personally, I am a label whore, I'll admit it. However, for every one of us that love designers and labels on fashion, theres at least two hundred that think we're complete idiots and just don't get it. And then there's … Read More

According to Disney, We Are All Gonna Be Obese By 2030

 I really really really hope that the writers of Disney’s new Eco-Based blockbuster, Wall-E aren’t psychic. If so, we all are in deep dookie. The future that is portrayed in this film is very grim. Alongside the problems with the … Read More

Esquire Magazine Celebrates 75th Anniversity With New E-Paper Covers

I have never been a huge fan of Esquire magazine but last week they announced that instead of using a regular paper cover they will be jumping into the future and utilizing some modern form of wizardry called “E-Paper”. All … Read More

Second Life Dental Degrees

Your next dentist might have developed their bedside manner on Second Life. The Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine and the College of Arts and Sciences department of communication sciences have jointly started a project that puts a … Read More

Scented Laundry Chemicals and Air Fresheners Make Household Air Toxic

Here’s some more research findings to make you want someone to shout “rein in that rabid dog” when anyone mentions the chemical industry. Researchers at the University of Washington published findings in the journal Environmental Impact Assessment Review detailing the … Read More

Did Religious Groups Decide What You Can Watch Again?

In the sort of protest that failed to dent Disney’s profits or halt  Harry Potter’s rise to popular icon status, fundamentalist Christians and Catholic organizations have, in unusual agreement, decried the film The Golden Compass and the entire children’s fantasy … Read More


                If you have never had a nightmare about the beloved children’s icon Pikachu, this thing may be enough to induce them. Covered in spikes, with an adjustment knob for an eye, this thing presents its self … Read More