drug ballads

 Mexico is a funny place. It seems like a parallel universe sometimes, meaning that it is a completely different world but it also shows that people are the same no matter where they are from. We all strive for the same things in life: Love, happiness and in this case recognition. Fox news just released an article about a recent trend that is happening south of the border. Just like in American rap music, criminals are being paid tribute through song and in the Mexican underworld; you’re nothing until there is a song about your exploits. Only down there it’s in the form of “narco corrdos” or “drug   ballads”. These drug ballads have a traditional Latino folk sound but contain explicit lyrics about killing, drug dealing, smuggling, guns, ect…often including the real names of their “heroes”. According to Omar Meza aka ‘El Comandante” ‘getting a song written about them is a major status symbol. It gives them some serious ‘in crowd prestige’ and shows the rest of the underworld that they ARE somebody. Which is why I think this is the ultimate POWER PLAY. Ironically enough these same musicians are often targets themselves ad wind up murdered in retaliation from rival gangs. This just goes to show how similar this really is to American gangster rap. Thanks Tupac.

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