Now, I’m usually not one for putting excessively high priced and unnecessary things in Power Plays(despite how fun it is), mainly because it’s about as new and original as grilled cheese. But, there are exceptions, when I find something so ludicrous and ridiculous that it begs me to be entered. Well, here’s a wonderfully tacky addition to the “let’s coat everything with diamonds” fad. It’s a cupcake shaped evening bag with a top clasp, designed by Judith Leiber, coated with diamonds, and costs around oh, $4,295. Although Leiber was once a great status symbol, being carried around by First Ladies of the White House, and only sold in five places in the United States. But something tells me there’s nothing sweet about this bag, eveningwear or not, it just needs to get tossed on the shelf with everything else diamond, but it would probably match the diamond covered Mercedes, in case you have one of those.


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