Improv Everywhere

The world is made up of all kinds of families, biological and otherwise. WE ARE FAMILY does too. The truth to it is comfort through identification with something that’s part of us. For the people associated with Improv Everywhere that … Read More

Willy Wonka and the Champagne Factory

Every time I go to New York my friends and I have a ritual we do. Upon my arrival to Brooklyn we hop on the bikes and roll down to the bodega and buy a few bottles of champagne or … Read More

Square Foot Gardening

 To some CHOICE CHOKE is a wave that deals with minimizing choices, but to me I see it as a method of simplifying my life. That’s exactly what the square foot garden does. The square foot gardening method is a … Read More

Art of the Nap

Does anyone know how to take a nap anymore?  One of the greatest pleasures in life is the ability to relax enough to actually fall asleep, anytime.  Studies have shown that naps can increase productivity and alertness, mood and creativity. … Read More

The NY Times Drags its Feet into Social Networking

Venerable news agency the New York Times is jumping on the social networking bandwagon, but they are only dipping one foot in the water. The Firefox application TimesPeople operates in a fashion similar to Digg and Facebook, allowing the creation … Read More

So, Hugh Hefner slippers anyone?

Ahh Hugh Hefner, with the scandalous and shocking new book coming out on you, you need to toss out some merchandise before it hits so you can rack up your book sales list on Amazon right? Well, the merch in … Read More

It Isn’t Their Music That Makes Them Immortal

Guitar Hero has reached critical mass and is exploding beyond the game that created it. McFarlane Toys released photos of the first in a line of Guitar Hero action figures planned for release in the fall. Axel Steel is the … Read More

Secure Your Magical Artifacts

Since World of Warcraft has become a second or first life for many online gamers, it is no wonder that securing one’s character from outside tampering is increasingly important. Individuals spend hundreds of hours amassing money, equipment, and experience in … Read More

Ghostbusters and Arcades: Now Those Were the Days

If you’re looking for a bit of 80’s nostalgia, or even a whole lot, you should check out the fifth annual PAX show in Seattle this August 21st-23rd. While the reminiscing isn’t limited to the 80’s, the presence of the … Read More

Video Game Training for Teen Crime Spree

A group of teenagers, believed to have been inspired by the much loved and reviled video game Grand Theft Auto, went on a brief crime spree that started with a mugging in New Hyde Park, New York and wound up … Read More