Goodbye Polaroid

Well, we've reported that Polaroid is getting rid of it's classic camera, but what you probably didn't know is since the announcement, they have sold more of them than they usually push out in a year. Film sales have also … Read More

GTA IV : The Paper Version

  In case you haven't been on board with the GTA train, it's been speeding along quite well. Everything from soundtracks and posters to tattoos and fan-fics have been created in honor of the series, and with the fourth installment … Read More

Urban Family Planning

There is definitely an element of family that people who live in the same city share. Much like our own families, a family of people from a common city have their differences, their similarities, shared joys and tragedies and even … Read More

Eat My Dust: Lamborghini Refuses to Comply or Compromise for EU Standards

The emissions standard that was adopted by the European Union in 2007 will require that by 2012 every European car maker’s fleet of vehicles can produce no more than 130 grams of CO2 per kilometer on average. This does not … Read More

Will Algae Become the New Oil?

Skyrocketing gas prices have consumers scrambling to find alternatives and questioning the wisdom of depending on foreign oil. Could algae based fuels help the US wean itself off it’s 20,000,000 gallon a day foreign oil habit? In a press release … Read More

Rome: Fall in Love with the Food, Choke on the Bill

Nothing says comfort like a great Italian meal, especially when it’s cheap! In the article,” Back to Rome, but Poorer this Time,” food writer Frank Bruni discusses how the falling dollar is pricing him out of what was once a … Read More

Crowd Funding and Managing

An innovative business model has emerged in multiple industries. To raise money, these businesses launch campaigns to recruit thousands of “owner managers.” At a price tag of $50, the “owner managers” will have a say in almost all business operations … Read More

Inspiration Delivered Daily

Everyone knows that juice in the morning is a great way to start the day.  Vital Juice arrives in your inbox each morning to greet you and remind you to live well.  The site says: "Your entertaining, uplifting, convenient (oh, … Read More

The Business of Giving Back

There is a group of “wired wealthy” who are identified as individuals who donate a minimum of $1,000 dollars annually to a single cause and give an average of $10,896 to various charities each year, with a median gift of … Read More

SAMETIME 7:15 Collaborative Photography Project

SAMETIME 7:15 collaborative photography project six people agreed they take a picture at 7:15pm every day for a year. It's been descibed as "deliciously addicting" It's interesting to see when they are forced to pinpoint only one moment of each … Read More