We reported that vinyl was in the process of making a comeback over 4 months ago (“Vinyl Enjoys New Popularity”) and now the numbers are in, and they are big. The RIAA’s annual report shows vinyl sales for 2007 were up 36% over 2006 (in terms of units) and vinyl sales for 2007 generated 46.2% more sales revenue than in 2006. Vinyl is still not a huge money maker, 22.9 million in terms of retail value, then again it has not been marketed aggressively by the recording industry, but that may soon change. CD sales, are of course, down and sales of downloaded music are up (of course) which is why vinyl is on the rise. Let us explain, the one thing that mp3 files can never replace is the tangible aspect of a recording, there is nothing to touch or feel, nothing physical (Sensory Appeal) that you can experience. Vinyl is obsolete as a music format, but that is not the point; vinyl provides a human element that digital never will be able to fill. It is imperfect, like us, it scratches, warps, skips, breaks, it’s terrible really, but it provides grounding that people are craving in this digital age, they want something “real” that they can interact with and hold in their hands. The physical nature of our existence is slowly becoming a thing of the past as our interactions become increasingly digital. This is a rebellion against that movement, a retrieval of our humanity through a dated medium. Honestly, can you really have an emotional connection with an Mp3 file; this is not about convenience, it’s about fulfilling our human emotional needs.

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