French architect, Jean Nouvel, was recently awarded the prestigious Pritzker Prize, one architectures top honors. Never dull, Nouvel has always challenged the conventional with an eclectic ever-evolving style. Nouvel’s outspoken manner, and rockstar persona has earned him more than a few detractors, but the man who has been self described as,” arrogant” has arose victorious in the face of his critics, and now that he has won the Pritzker, his work has been put in the international spotlight. Nouvel’s work is a welcome departure from the functionalist aesthetic of modernism, he intentionally seeks solutions that he says,” will be the most emotional, the most perfect, the most natural.” To Nouvel architecture is not about a strict adherence to a certain philosophy or a signature style, for him, a project is dictated by the demands of the landscape and the intended nature of the space. Through use of form, color, and light, his work evokes emotional response he states,” “What I like is the poétique of the situation…..“I am a hedonist, and I want to give pleasure to other people.” Controversial, Bold, Daring, this larger than life, architectural mastermind is challenging the concept of utilitarian spaces with buildings that freely indulge our desire for emotional and sensory experiences.

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