Bi the Way explores the changing sexual landscape of the country, with a look into scientific research and social opinions on bisexuality. Directors Brittany Blockham and Josephine Decker follow five teens and 20-somethings who act as the faces of their generation. Premiering at SXSW Film Festival it already has "buzz".  There's articles musing about the subject as a "beloved 90s trend of being bisexual, proving that the decade is back in a big way."  I wont go into my personal feelings about the "00s are recycling the 90s" just know that my eyes are rolling… I happen believe "trends" aren't entirely based on decades but I digress.  Yin Yang Blend often contains stuff about the GLBT community and I know it's about alot more than that, but when you "blend the sexes" bisexuality just fits so well… and if this documantaries assertions are correct then we should get ready for a society where gay and straight blend with ease. Check out the site it's packed with info and cute flash animation.

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