I Love Your HAZMAT Suit; Is it Chanel?

From the mind of Dutch designer Tim Smit comes the “Urban Security Suit”, which has to be the most fashionable piece of body armor ever designed. Everybody knows when you are in a war zone it is important to look … Read More

Vinyl Upsurge: The Physical Nature of the Human Experience

  We reported that vinyl was in the process of making a comeback over 4 months ago (“Vinyl Enjoys New Popularity”) and now the numbers are in, and they are big. The RIAA’s annual report shows vinyl sales for 2007 … Read More

Poo Facial?

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, now there's a new, ok, ancient, Buff Culture move that includes bird poo.  I suppose it could also be Private Pampering as well, since it's actually a facial that has been used … Read More

The Nicety of Vice

The old cliche of “taking the bad with the good” has found a new twist. Now you can make “good” money by investing in the “bad.” At least that’s the way the Vice Fund work. It’s a mutual fund that puts your investment into the war machines of the defense industry, casino gambling, slot machine makers, cigarettes, alcohol distillers, and related fields. … Read More

Another Reason for Hating the Rich, Americans, Yourself

A study released by MIT is sure to direct the ever-vigilant gaze of corporate haters in the direction of the super-rich. The study compared the carbon impact of a variety of typical American lifestyles ranging from soccer mom to CEO … Read More

Third Annual Roman City-Wide Pillow Fight

There is a widely known expression, “Italians do it better”. Well, that applies to more than the obvious meaning. Today I’m talking about FILLING THE VOID and more specifically stress relief. On April 27th the so-called Committee for the Termination … Read More

Wall Cleats Make Your Life “Trip-Free”

What use is an electrical plug when your not plugged in? I don't know how many times I have tripped over cords because there is just too much cord for my apartment. I wish that I one of these on … Read More

Flavor on Command

If you are looking for ideas on how to market a product that has earned itself an unpopular reputation, look no further. Camel is about to introduce yet another new tobacco product. I am not a mathematician, so I don’t … Read More

Early Warning System for Dangerous Algae Blooms

An underwater microscope developed as a research tool to investigate plankton has proven itself as an effective early warning system for dangerous algae blooms. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) deserves the credit for keeping tainted shellfish off the menu. … Read More

The Ultimate in Home Entertainment: There is Room for Disagreement

An icon from one of America’s most beloved mythologies has become a multimedia center and 254” LCD projector. Wait, don’t get too excited, this is not a Jesus DVD player, it’s R2D2. It seems fitting that R2D2 should become a … Read More