Sky House and The New Face of the Bachelor Pad

    When you think of a bachelor pad, you might envision a pigsty strewn with dirty clothes, filled with beer cans and pizza boxes.  A function the Clarrett group recently held at their swanky Sky House development is an … Read More

TRON! Remade In Cardboard

Benjamin Franklin once said: "Imitation is the highest form of flattery." I honestly believe that to be true; we see that a lot, especially in BRANDALIZM where ordinary people are promoting, remaking, or somehow endorsing their favorite brand, music, movie, … Read More

The Intimate Nature of “Living Architectures”

  The new film series,” Living Architectures”, by Illa Beka and Louise Lemoine, paints an intimate portrait of the “lives” of three architectural masterpieces. The three part series explores three distinct architectural masterpieces; Rem Koolhaas’s Maison à Bordeaux, Rome and … Read More

A Little Idea To Make Life Easier

 When I go to some wine stores, the sheer number of wines that are available almost always overwhelms me. I take way too long deciding on a wine to purchase, even though there is most likely a delicious wine setting … Read More

Social Bomb

Forget that puny friends list on Myspace and Facebook. If you want to really test your popularity and social standing, you need to get a bunch of people hooked up to Social Bomb. The current version of this is set … Read More

Watering the Dogs

In this Clockless world we live in, finally mans best friend has been included.   WetBone, is the world’s first-ever water in a flexible plastic pouch for dogs on-the-go, based on the same mobility in drinks for dogs that we humans … Read More

C++ Board Game

Are you one of the Americans that worries their ten year old doesn't know enough computer programming skills? Well you don't have to worry anymore! A new board game called C Jump has arrived, and aims to teach the basics … Read More

Of Super Mice and Super Men

As scientists grow increasingly adept at genetic manipulation, the hopes and fears rise. Activation of muscle proteins called myostatin for example caused the muscle mass of mice to double within four to six weeks without exercise. Predictably, not only the … Read More

British Re-Borns: Buy a Baby

Women have made massive gains towards gender equality in the modern era, but it has come with certain sacrifices. As more women in the developed world join the professional workforce fewer marry and have children, and those who do, are … Read More

Brandalizm Employed by ” New Enthusiasts”

Several days ago, after much speculation, the creators of a Marc Jacobs Ad spoof campaign that had been circling around the web were revealed. Fashion bloggers were running wild with speculation as to who could be responsible for the photos … Read More