Something that began to show it's face around the CES floor was the concept of 3DTV. Although I don't know any of the technical details, since I'm pretty positive this early in the game Philips doesn't want anyone to know it, I can say that pictures don't do it justice. Now I'm not talking about things flying out of the screen at you 3D, but everything is layered, and its as if you were watching the movie take place in a box diorama, which is completely refreshing for old films. The best part is they've managed to do this without the need for glasses to make the effect happen. This is a true Sensory Appeal piece, with TVs becoming richer and larger we're not seeing anything truly new, but this technology has the potential to change the way we watch television. It will be like when you first get your Blu Ray, you don't want to watch something new on it, you want to watch an old favorite, see how much it's changed. You want to make it new again.


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