BookYou want a burger, you're on a diet…but you really want a Double Gut Buster from your nearest fast food joint…what to do???

Try reading the new book Eat This, Not That from David Zinczenko. MSNBC Says about the book:

"When it comes to making food choices, many people struggle. But, a new book called "Eat This, Not That" is full of eye-opening comparisons to help people choose which food is nutritionally better. "Whether you're in the food court or the grocery store, the idea here is not to starve yourself," said NBC 5's Brian Curtis. "The authors just want you to make the better choice."

Whatever your plight may be: diet? guilt? naughty pleasure? What people desire today is the same tasty food they have always had, and a little bit of the control they know they need to exercise. 

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