Live Life While You Wait

  I think people take for granted those moments when we are sitting, waiting to catch a bus, plane, whatever. Well, Assaf Israel, a London-based product designer, has just introduced a new product that will change the way people interact … Read More

Microsoft has Big Plans for Sync

  The 2008 Ford Focus has been enjoying a steady rise in sales since its release late this fall. Focus sales rose 33% in January alone. Part of the models success has to be attributed to Microsoft’s Sync, which is … Read More

Big as a Bouffant

We are seeing resurgence of all things 60’s. Starting with our beleaguered old friend Amy Winehouse and the British retro craze has followed, the film The Chicago 10 that is bringing new life to the infamous Chicago 7 trial, a … Read More

Sunsilk’s Life Can’t Wait Ad

  The idea behind Brand Sanctuary is “using brands we know and trust as a shield”. Well Sunsilk’s new “life can’t wait” campaign is a great example of this. The ad is a series of scrolling images of three very … Read More

First Air-Powered Car!

The race to come up with an alternative fueled auto has been in effect for a while–thanks to Guy Negro-French formula one car design. The first AIR powered car is coming sooner than you think. Zero Pollution Motors claims that … Read More

Nissan Designers Experience Future,”It’s Not That Great”

  Designers at Nissan are getting a taste of what the future is going to be like through the use of a special suit. This is not a portal to a bizarre virtual future world where cars float and we … Read More

Team Ferrari….I Mean Team Italy Prepares for Beijing

    Italians are proud of their automotive heritage and why shouldn’t they be?  Italian brands like Lamborghini and Ferrari’s mix of flawless design and performance have long been sought after and drooled over by car aficionados the world over. … Read More

iPhone as Chinese Teacher

  Among the growing list of third party applications available for the iPhone is a program named iChinese. This application is designed to help you learn how to read and write Chinese Characters by use of the iPhones touch screen. … Read More

Garfield Minus Garfield

I don't know if I can do the creator justice in describing this. Essentially, its the entire Garfield comic line with Garfield deleted out of it. And they're hilarious. It makes Jon look like a schizophrenic manic depressant, and I … Read More

Recipe for Success: Google’s “Secret Sauce”

  In the world of Internet search engines Google reigns supreme. The name Google has become so entrenched into the collective psyche that it is not uncommon to hear someone say,” Why don’t you Google it,” or “I tried Googling … Read More