Happy Campers

There's a bit of a Roots Revival going on in the Netherlands. The Dutch may be some of the world's tallest people but they love nothing more than to squeeze themselves and their families into tiny, boxy interiors and boast … Read More

The Architecture of Making It Right

Hopefully, you have read our earlier entry regarding the Make It Right (MIR) project that was initiated by actor Brad Pitt in 2006. If you are not familiar with MIR then you should be. The project aims to help rebuild … Read More

Japanese Pollen Robots

As allergy season approaches a Tokyo-based weather forecasting company, Weathernews, Inc. is launches an army of 200 ball-shaped robots. The robots have been named "Pollen Robots", consist of a monitoring unit housed in a spherical styrofoam shell. A pair of … Read More

Pavillion by U:phoria

This image of the winning entry in a competition to design a pavilion on Orchard Road in Singapore is an excellent example of Green Echo. Designed by Singapore architects U: phoria the pavilion will be constructed with lightweight steel and … Read More

Baby Rice

Picture this:  You, your family and love ones excitedly wait 9 months for your bundle of joy to be born.  The day comes and of course it's the cutest baby in the world….BUT….Your friends and or family (for whatever reason) … Read More

Naked for Charity

Somewhere in the world Victoria Beckham rose up from the ashes of Posh Spice and became an icon, so it's only natural that we need to get ourselves adjusted to her image again. Designer Marc Jacobs has a skin cancer … Read More

The Sweet Suite

Remember that part in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory when you think to yourself "I would live in a candy coated world?" Well thanks to the latest Godiva Chocolatier promotion for Valentines Day, you may just get your wish. The … Read More

the beat bearing sequencer

U2’s Manager Paul McGuinness Is Pissed At “New Media”

Paul McGuinness is pissed. At the Midem music industry convention in Cannes, McGuinness ranted against ISP’s and the prolific illegal downloading of music files.  His statements were pretty harsh, "I call on ISPs to do two things. First, protect the … Read More

Kova and T

  The idea of Flexible Flux goes beyond the idea of,” A Hedonistic Diet”, in the literal sense. It  can apply to anything that attempts to reduce or offset something that is seen as “bad” while still in the end … Read More