We all know that video killed the radio star and that the cd killed vinyl. But now that the mp3 is at the top of the evolutionary food chain of music mediums the cd may be in its last days what, you might ask, is next? Well, as strange as it seems the answer may be vinyl. Kept alive by hip-hop dj's and indie groups the vinyl recording market is now seeing an upsurge. Long beleaguered vinyl aficionados may now have a reason to rejoice vinyl's day may have come again. Now that nearly everyone has an i-pod the cd is no longer seen as the easily portable medium it once was. We can now carry hundreds if not thousands of songs in a device that is half or less the size of one cd case. Not to mention that it won't skip or scratch. It seems that serious fans prefer more and more to have their hard copy of their favorite artists on vinyl. Vinyl recordings have always been known to have a certain fullness and richness of sound that no other medium can quite match. Record label Matador now includes coupons in their vinyl that can be redeemed for mp3 versions of said album on the Internet. Could vinyl save the recording industry that had long ago forsaken it? That is probably too bold. However, it seems that the once celebrated cover art, sound and nostalgia of vinyl is back.


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