A New Face on Forever

The ring has long been a symbol of the eternal its very shape being a never-ending loop. We often give rings or have them made to serve as a reminder of our love or to mark an occasion that we … Read More

One-Click Online Photo Tweak Sites

Described as "probably the most comprehensive photo-editing site on the web"  flauntR.com is a veritable buffet of tasty one-click online photoshop-like tools. There's cool borders, killer slideshows, customizable effects…. and all FREE. Another site that girls are going GA GA … Read More

Packin’ Heat

Here's a bit of fun.  How about a pocket warmer that will draw some attention. Perhaps security at the airport might not be as amused as you and your friends but, hey, who doesn't need a chuckle these days.  I … Read More

Tide Loads of Hope

Tide Loads of Hope is a great example of authentically Giving Back!  Tide is doing what Tide does – laundry, but they're using their products and skills to help people in need.  Nothing too far out of the box – … Read More

Good Night Our World Book Series

What child wouldn't love a bedtime story that made them comfortable through remembering a favorite place?  This great new Children's series includes books about cities throughout North America, talking about great attributes from each location and giving children a since … Read More

Billboard Bags

Who knew that the vinyl used on outdoor billboards could be recycled to make such a functional (and quite cool looking) bag?  It's waterproof, durable, and recycled – what a great earth-friendly idea!

Swiffer’s 5 Signs of Clean

When I bought this Swiffer Wet Jet, it screamed for the Sensory Appeal Wave!  Swiffer calls out 3 of the 5 senses as the product's 5 signs of Clean.  You can feel, smell, and see the results – it really … Read More

The New Words of 07

Ok I'm putting this post in Power Plays because being up to speed with new terminology fits perfectly in the "in crowd" truth of this wave.  What I love about this NY Times article is that many of these items … Read More

Wonderful Shot Dog Camera

I have to admit I'm one of those pet lovers who wonders how my "little baby" sees the world. What it must look like from his level , through his eyes.  Ok, I'm weird but surely you've wondered what your … Read More

Modern Mythology

Ron Hutt’s paintings (recently featured in a New York Times article) are hipped-up versions of Greek red figure vases, such as the painting above in which we see Aphrodite after her rendezvous with Ares calling her husband Hephaestus on her … Read More