I Love Jellyfish

I think these are so cool I just had to blog about them! Ok so I do have a thing for sea life and especially jellyfish but check out these fun "Green Echo" pool lights, what's not to love right? … Read More

Celtic Kiddies

How about some Roots Revival! Childhood is such an important time and it's also a perfect time to connect a child to their cultural roots. Here is a lullabye CD that's  sung in both English and Gaelic these melodies are … Read More

Skinny Little Boys

In Japan, Yin Yang Blend is Yinn' and Yangin'!  The trend over there is for women to be strong,robust and bursting with energy while the men are striving to be skinny, weak and protected by their women…even going as far … Read More

High End Playhouses

The farther down the road in Living Vicariously we get, the more we've seen things tied to children. From pirate themes to adults spreading their views all over their children’s clothing, it seems only natural that it would start to … Read More

Divine Intervention Please!

Cyprus's ancient Orthodox Church called for prayers to end a crippling drought threatening to exhaust reservoirs dry of water by the end of the year. Authorities claim Cyprus's largest dam will run completely dry in the next 30 days, and … Read More

Ecovillage is Growing; It’s Not Just for Hippies Anymore

This past weekend, Japan held it’s second annual Ecovillage Conference; combine this with the Chicago Urban Ecovillage gathering and you’ve got to realize that Ecovillages aren’t just for hippies anymore. It’s actually evolved into a cross-cultural term that describes people … Read More

My Heart Is In Your Hands

How mundane is a computer mouse today? Ok, how about one shaped like a heart that tells you how loved you are every time you use it? This product from Japan responds to your touch, lights up when you move it, and says “I love you!” when you click it. … Read More

Build Your Own “Hackintosh”?

If you have some mad computer building skills, think that Macs are too pricey but agree that they are a superior computing system- then this is there is hope for you.  A "Hackintosh" can be put together for around $800 … Read More

Wonder Drug For Eyelashes?

What price would you be willing to pay for long beautiful eyelashes without having to use heaps of mascara?  Apparently, there is a new glaucoma drug made by Allergan Inc., that has an interesting side effect that causes eyelashes to … Read More

Press-On Eye Makeup

We've watched the Ornate Eyelash trend for two quarters now, how it's gone from a state of growth to a state of mainstream, and in that notion I'd like to talk abiout ColorOn Instant Eye Shadow. The idea behind it … Read More