Right In Your Face

In baseball, football, basketball, even dodge ball, hitting somebody in the face is against the rules. But in Faceball, it’s the point of the game. Two people stand 10 feet apart and throw a beach ball at their opponent’s face. … Read More

Giving Back Is Not Just Giving, Its Helping Too

Several recent events within the world of charitable organizations have made big news.  Notably, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was the beneficiary of Warren Buffets fortune.  The soaring numbers and visions of all the need in the world and … Read More

Transgender: The New Normal

The United Methodist Church has ruled that a transgender pastor who applied for a name change can remain in the ministry. The church’s Judicial Council released the decision in case of the Rev. Drew Phoenix on Tuesday.  The term New … Read More

Second Life Predators

Second Life has come across our radar before for tricky entanglements of virtual and real life.  These have been as innocent as virtual relationships that began online with the purchase of virtual clothes to the man with two wives, one … Read More

Virtual Morals

As the virtual world becomes more ingrained in children’s social lives, parents are taking more of an interest in what exactly the virtual world offers or doesn’t.  In London a conference addressing that very issue just took place. Oscar-winning Film-maker … Read More

Nastee Notes

Nastee Notes went live to the web on the 18th.  That's not news though.  The news is:  You can send a professional quality high design note card that says, "I Love Balls".  Then send another couture note that informs someone … Read More

FAA offers up a no-solution to congestion

The Federal Aviation Administration offered two easy solutions to airport congestion:  1.  Congestion pricing, charging more for landing airplanes during peak hours and 2.  Mandatory caps that would reduce by 20 percent the current 100 departing flights per hour.  Both … Read More

WiFi Detector Shirt

Here's a bizzare example of geeky gone bad. Take a standard black shirt, throw in a tiny bttery pack, a WiFi sensor and a big ole shiny patch of plastic, and you're a walking taskbar icon! Shirts that light up … Read More

Wisdom Tees

You might be familliar with "T-SHIRT HELL" – the online t-shirt site with the most offensive, negative, outrageous shirts & slogans  out there.  Well here is the antidote to that site: wisdomteesonline.com Wearing positivity and enlightenment on your shirt in … Read More

Inner balance extends beyond the periphery of your body

Mirror Neurons have been brought up in the debate about the effects video games and violent actions.  Mirror neurons are the brain's copycat neurons that help with learning.  In research, it was found that the mirror neurons function when someone … Read More