Stillness 2007-Stop the World

Imagine the sound of an electronic arts conference. You’d think ringtones, digital music, and the whir or recorders, right? Try “Stillness.” … Read More

Keep Your Eye on “I”!

H.G. Wells would have loved it. The totally visible man. Hasan Elahi wants to be SO visible, he essentially records his life, step by step every day. … Read More

Life Creates Its Own Encyclopedia

Think Wikipedia is hot stuff? Go look at the demonstration pages at The Encyclopedia of Life is being developed as a resource for a broad audience, from teachers to media to scientists. What are called “species pages” will attempt to explain and visualize life in a wide range of languages. … Read More

Death to the Metrosexual!

“The Man Comes Around.” Too bad Johnny Cash isn’t with us anymore; his album title does this Wave proud. America is apparently into the Hollywood image of the “strong silent type” and has been ever since the days of John Wayne and Gary Cooper. Well, now a study from the University of Missouri-Columbis says that tough guys actually do heal faster than the norm. … Read More