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CultureWaves: The Behavior Science Company

CultureWaves has been a pioneer in the study of need-based behavior since 2006.

Competitive Advantage

We are a transformative behavior science company specializing in the observation, documentation and translation of human behavior.

Actionable Insights

We convert our need-based behavior observations into actionable consumer insights and leverage our learnings to help you better engage current and future customers and build superior brands.

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VOICE is an advanced audience segmentation platform that identifies business opportunities at the intersection of human and artificial intelligence.


A Scout is a snapshot of a category’s evolution from a where it was, where it is and where it’s headed POV


A Dive is a more extensive examination of a category that provides the evidence, the timelines, and the “why” of it’s evolution.

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CultureWaves Q3: A New Era of Vending

2018 is an era of unprecedented convenience. Brands are going out of their way to get to the consumer faster and more directly—as seen in this example from Pizza Hut, where autonomy, artificial intelligence and delivery methods are all used…

Proprietary tools for observing, cataloging,
analyzing and classifying human behavior.

Discovery Engine

CultureWaves developed a suite of specialized tools that provide a unique vantage point to the consumer landscape helping us track evolving trends.


For more than a decade our trained curators have tracked macrotrends as they move through the consumer lanscape using our insights platform, called Sparcwire.


Our CultureWaves tools are designed to connect the dots of emerging behavior to help your business to turn emerging trends into new opportunities.

We add the "why" to the "who, what, when and where"

We don’t stop at big data, we combine the power of Ai with Hi–Human Intelligence to add meaning to the data and help create a bigger picture of what’s happening in the world.

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Complete Line of Services

We take the most cutting-edge behavioral aspects of life and turn them into relevant insights that have the power to change purchasing behavior.


Our VOICE reports offer actionable segmentation based on observed behavior.

Category Insights

A quick update on key category insights supported by consumer and/or market behavior examples.

Custom Reports

A targeted look at what is influencing a category. Can be custom designed to include flavor curves, adoption timeline and behavior segmentation.


A visual, at-a-glance insights reference.

Speaking Engagements

We can speak at events, trade shows, and inter-company gatherings.

Dinearound Service

Our Dinearound reports offer an immersive, national look at what’s happening on menus, specific to your category. The perfect starting place for menu innovation.

Ideations & Brand Immersions

We offer immersive, experiential workshops that showcase opportunities for your company with tactile exercises and dining experiences.

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